Southern India – Fort Kochi

We picked the car up back to Munnar reasonably early as it is about a 2-3 hour drive back to Kochi.

This wasn’t particularly helped by the fact that our hotel, the Xandari Harbour Hotel was quite hard to find, and buried away on the landward side of the island, itself a maze of small roads and alleys.

The hotel was pretty amazing, being right on the water.

Fort Kochi is famous for it’s history and also for what are called the Chinese Fishing Nets, a really old method of catching fish which is now a bit of a tourist draw.

Modern Fishing

We wandered around the island, had some nice vegetarian food and generally relaxed, including a really nice dinner at our hotel.


Overall, Kochi is a place I would have liked to have spent more time exploring, but unfortunately we had to get our flight back to Mumbai and then Home the following day.

Our flight to Mumbai was relatively early, and of course delayed.  Even the, we had about 10 hours between our domestic flight and our international flight.  For some reason, the airport wouldn’t let us in that early, so we stuck our bags in the luggage storage place and headed back into Mumbai to mooch around.

Having killed enough time, we headed back to the airport and got our flight home.

I’d say that the parts of India we did this time are much nicer than the northern parts, excepting Varanasi which is quite the experience.

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