So, I bought a house…

After alot of legal faff, I have finally bought myself a new home and in shock news, it’s a ‘fixer-upper’ – I say in shock new as my last place was also of this ilk, though perhaps not quite to the same extent.

I may have a slightly rose-tinted memory though – or I’ve blocked out the horror!

It’s a small 3 bedroom (well, 2 and a box room which I’m using as a study) terrace built in the 30’s, extended as cheaply as possible in the 60’s and then decorated in the 80’s and pretty much left there to fester.  To be fair, it was an older lady who lived there and then passed away (possibly in the house.. ooOOOooooh) and just for reference, here it is from the outside..

As you can see, it’s absolutely lovely – and yes the creepy heads on the wall are something that I got rid of quite sharpish…

So, I took a week off to really try and get things moving, which of course I was dramatically over optimistic about – there will be more about this later.

But still, have a house again!

That’s both good and scary, in equal measure.


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