I’ve always really liked foxes, they are kinda cute and bring a bit of wildlife into the towns and cities.  Admittedly I do get a little annoyed when they are at my bins, but seeing them trot around is always cool, and especially when you get some young ones.

So, my garden is currently a bit of a mess, and a few weeks ago I spotted a vixen with 3 little cubs playing around one morning, they were only small cat sized at that point, and the mother looked very thin, and had a slightly lame front leg.  As such I decided I’d put some food out as if the mother died or couldn’t feed the cubs, it’s be pretty hard for the cubs to survive.

Anyway, I was making a cup of tea this morning and saw a young fox just chilling out at the end of the garden.

Now I was a little worried that it wasn’t well, so I banged on the window, and was rewarded with a look of “what are you waking me up for?”

He (I think it’s a he based on size and build – vixens tend to be a little slighter) eventually got up, stretched and bounced around a bit, then I threw a sausage roll down the garden for his breakfast and he scampered off.

About 30 mins later, this little lady appears.

Notice the different markings on the nose, plus she was a little but smaller and with a better coat.  I tried to feed her as well, but she just looked at me, had a scratch and squeezed through the fence.

So, I’m assuming that these are the cubs I saw a while ago, they are still young and seem quite happy in the garden – love a bit of wildlife!

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