So, I’ve been beavering away this summer trying to establish some sense of order on the meadow/midden pile that is my garden, which is progressing slowly to say that least.

However, I have found some friends in the garden which is always a good sign wildlife wise.

Both times that I’ve been cutting back the long grass I’ve managed to avoid strimming these two chaps.

This was the first one and quite a big chap who I found in a pile of grass cuttings I was picking up


He seemed quite friendly and let me pick him up – I put him in a bucket in the shade while I cleared up and then let him go in the bushes at the back of the garden.

Second time was what seems to be his little brother, found hiding under a branch where I was just about start digging

Once again, put him in a little pot with some water and in the shade, finished my bits and let him go.

I reckon it’s a good sign that there are still toads around looking quite healthy, though doesn’t that imply that there is a pond or something wet nearby where they are breeding?

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