3 Hours can seem like a long time….

It really isn’t though – not when that’s how often you have to feed a tiny baby boy.

So, Jo had out little baby boy early monday morning, which was in fact almost 2 weeks early, which is a story in of itself, but you can read about that here.

Maybe we had blinkers on when it came to how hard it would be in the first few days, with us just nodding and not really believing people, or people didn’t really tell us – I’m probably leaning towards the former tbh.

Anyway, to summarise, if you’re lucky like we are and you have a non fussy baby who likes to sleep, you are going to be feeding them every 3 hours or so – which means if you are expressing or using formula, then you have to have 30 mins or so at the beginning getting things ready, then do the feeding, burping, changing any nappies (possibly multiple times), getting fountains of wee (if you have a boy) all over the place, then redressing them (I swear that they make the sleeps just small enough to to be a pain in the arse), which means that you are looking at about an hour, if you are lucky and they go straight back to sleep.

You then spend 30 mins listening to their breathing and faffing about whether they are ok – so you get about an hour and a half sleep per cycle – it’s bloody tiring!

We’ve got a bit of a rota going, and we’re figuring it out – it does scare the crap out of me for when my paternity leave is over in just over a week – as I’m now the only wage earner I really need to be certain I’m doing a decent job in the office – but we shall see!

On the flip side, he is clearly the cutest baby you could ever see, and my normal britishness even allows me to say that.

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