Smiles, hand-eye coordination, development, Oh My…

As we approach 2 and a half months of parenting, it’s quite frankly amazing watching the process of a baby developing all the skills and abilities that you take for granted as an adult.

I will say, the first month is pretty much nothing but holding, feeding and cleaning without getting much back – but then suddenly and unexpectedly things start to happen.

You’ll get glimmers of recognition, especially your voice. Smiles and laughs where you learn what things they find funny or amusing. You’ll be sat there having fed them, thinking they’ve nodded off and you’ll look down to find a grinning happy face looking straight at you, which I have to say is pretty awesome.

Where you would previously be worried about supporting their necks all the time while they are vertical with their heads on your shoulder, they now sit back and look around, using their hands to sit up straight and/or hold on to you – not all the time mind, you may still get headbutted!

The play mat with dangling toys has now become more involving – instead of vaguely waving hands around, you can see them actually reach for some of the toys and progressively get better at judging where they are – needless to say the toys we refer to as Snail, Zebra and Monkey are now regularly smacked around with some ferocity and with great glee.

We also have lots of noise, babbling, yelling and so on. Also bizarrely he has a habit of yelling ‘AAAAAAAAAAH’ about 2 seconds before sneezing.

Longer sleeping periods is also a thing now as well, up to 5 hours at a time, with the suggestions of a grasp of night and day starting to appear which bodes well.

There is also, of course, still a lot of poo.

bluh blah blop blap?
This is intolerable, unhand me woman!
I think I’ve pooped myself again…
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