4 Months – Sleeping (or not), teething and other fun

So, as we approach the 4 month mark (which feels both a looooong time, but also pretty instantaneous) we are finally getting into a routine, even if it’s not quite the routine we’d like.

The Boy has finally met my mum, after being fabulous on the long drive down to Devon – as you can see from this, he was totally impressed.

On the plus side, my mum was ecstatic to finally meet him – I think she’d given up hope for a grandchild from my side of things, plus my sister’s kids were in ‘Straya with her and a little hard to go and see.

We are having distinct signs of teething, as he seems intent on chewing things, mainly fingers, at every opportunity. Also drooling.

So much drooling.

Sometimes, he really want’s to chew a finger…

This is actually fine, just a matter of dealing with any pain or grumbling – hurrah for drugs!

His coordination is also improving alot, eye tracking, grabbing everything in sight, facial recognition. Also, everything goes in the mouth now, so that’s both good, from a developmental point of view, and scary, from a choking hazard point of view. On the gripping hand though, bodes well for the future!

Neck control and all that is also really good, as is the level of curiosity, he’s always reaching for things – he even managed to mess up my phone somehow by swatting at it.

Also, he’s definitely getting bigger, hence the Attack of the Giant Baby going on here..

The only real issue we have is that he’s a very cuddly baby, as in he pretty much won’t sleep unless you are holding him, which means that he falls asleep and you get trapped there, you put him down and half an hour later max. he wakes up. Whether this is the lack of contact, or wind from being horizontal, we’re not sure – may be both.

Behold a rare thing, The Boy sleeping while not being held…

We have some ideas on how to tackle this, but it is hard to actually do as you don’t want to see an upset baby – if we can figure it out though, we’ll get some actual free time back, and maybe some more sleep!

Also, we took him swimming, for all of 10 mins, not accounting for the 20 mins either side, plus an hour of prep and a drive – but we want him to be happy in the water so it was necessary – he seemed quite happy having a dip.

Also, it was a fetching outfit

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