7 Months – A Cheeky boy who almost has a routine…

So, here I am, at 21:30 of an evening, having spent my second day working from home (just in case.. and because we can) finding time to write this, while watching The Boy sleeping on the monitor, happily snoring away.

It’s almost like things are improving, but I won’t say that as it would be jinxing things…

They kind of have though, we seem to have reached a point where even though it’s still sometimes a little hard work, overall we are definitely now in the period where it’s more good than bad.

The Boy spots his Macchiato coming…

He’s a lovely, smiley happy boy with a very silly sense of humour who pretty much everyone who meets him agrees that he’s very chilled and easy going. Yes he gets tired, but he doesn’t really cry, he’ll just grumble.

He’s still super curious of everything, which is great, and he’s now a professional sitter-upper.

Just woken up, popped in for a visit

Also, if you tickle him in the right spots, he giggles like a maniac.

He does seem to have a routine now, bath at about 6ish, off to bed about 7-8, reading a book in the nursery, then he’ll tend to just sleep until about 11-12ish, have a quick feed, then back to sleep relatively quickly until about 4am-ish.

This means we’re both getting a little extra sleep, which is great – and we can actually have proper conversations.

I made a pie from scratch today, ACTUAL FREE TIME.

He also seems obsessed with the word “The” at the moment, you say it to him and he’ll giggle and try and say it back to you – very weird!

Next step, crawling, then we’ll be in real trouble…

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