8 Months, parenting in Lockdown – Also washing machines

So, COVID-19 is a thing and the UK is in lockdown, there’s a toilet roll shortage and it’s all a bit surreal.

Thankfully, The Boy has absolutely no idea what’s going on, apart from the fact that he doesn’t seem to be going out and about so much.

It does mean that The Grandparents can’t look after The Boy on Sundays/Mondays, which means that far worse than all the COVID is that we Don’t Get A Night Off.

This is clearly a pain in the bum. Also as an aside, our wedding has been postponed.

The Boy is being great though, he’s still a happy chappy, apparently seems to Love light switches, is now getting far more vocal and is generally lovely.

Excited by a fridge

He also seems to be very fond of the Washing Machine. Want 10 minutes of peace and quiet? Put him in front of the washing machine, he’s totally transfixed.

YAY THE WASHING MACHINE – Also bonus bottom

Sleeping is still not too bad, though he did spend half an hour blowing raspberries instead of nodding off – but when he is asleep, it’s normally for a while. Behold a rare thing, The Boy completely asleep.


Fledgling Road Rage


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