So, this is the bit where I have to do some blurb about myself and this site, what I like doing and all that sort of thing – I’ll give it a go but I’m not promising anything…..

The Site

This site exists as a location to put down thoughts, ideas and to document things I’m working on.  Eventually (hopefully) it will include all the little projects I’ve been working on over the years and will hopefully be some use to people other than myself.


I live in London, England and work developing various things primarily in C#, though this of course involves lots of other things like Angular, SQL, NoSQL and playing with things like Docker, and generally trying to keep up with things.

I like making cool things and seeing them used and enjoyed, and I guess I would generally be classified as a nerd or a geek, though the division between the two has always seemed rather arbitrary to me.

I like to watch good films, cook nice food and generally faffing about, or as a true englishman would say, ‘Pottering’.

I’ve done a bit of travelling, but not enough (define enough) so hopefully there will be more in the future.

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