Quietly Impressed

I have been mucking about with some more open source applications in the last few days, having been thoroughly impressed with the whole WordPress solution. I started looking around for other things, mainly to help out with a little project that myself and a friend of mine are starting to work on.

Essentially, we needed a bug tracker, and a project/task management system, and after a bit of poking around I found both Mantis and Collabtive, which are, to be frank, brilliant.

Mantis is an open source bug and issue tracker system, which hopefully will be used if/when the project gets to the UAT stages. Download, installation and setup took about 30 mins total, with the only hitch being that I didn’t know for sure the root MySQL password for my webspace, but managed to work around that manually.

Collabtive is an open source project management tool, which is quite full featured (for a release) and easy to use. Download to up and running too maybe 20 mins for that.

So, overall, bloody impressed!

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