2 Years AKA I’ve been a bit busy

So, it’s been a while since the last post, due to a mixture of the joys of COVID, trying to get married and of course the actual business of raising The Boy.

It’s been good! It’s amazing seeing things change and his abilities and skills progress. He’s now at nursery 3 days a week to get socialised, has a massive love of various cartoons, mostly The Gruffalo but more recently Tractor Ted – which would be easier if there were more than 5 episodes. I caught myself humming the theme song to it in the kitchen the other day….

The Boy turned 2 a month or so ago, and has now most definitely entered the Terrible Two’s. Tantrums where he just sits on the floor and yells. Sometimes for understandable reasons (he wants a biscuit) but often more for NO APPARENT REASON.

He’s got a distinct liking for dancing and music in general, and is a whisker away from being able to ask Alexa to play songs for him, which is a bit scary.

We’ve also hit the 2 year old sleep regression/anxiety stage, where a previously easy to put the bed boy suddenly morphed into standing up and screaming in his cot until 11pm – the only way we’ve managed to get him to sleep now is to sit in with him until he drops off – but we’re trying to wean him off that!

Also, I hate baby shark.

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