Whose Line is it Anyway?

When I was younger, I used to thoroughly enjoy watching Whose Line is it Anyway late at night on Channel 4, always massively impressed with the ability to just come up with hilarious jokes and reactions to random situations on the fly – it’s a lot harder than it looks. ¬†For me at least….

Of course I’m talking about the proper version, the one with Clive Anderson and filmed in the UK – regardless of the fact that a lot of the funniest people were from the other side of the pond, namely Greg Proops, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles (the latter two being hilarious at working off each other) mixed in with people like Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery, people like that.

Anyway, I randomly spotted that they were doing a stage version of it for a few weeks at the Palladium and asked Jo if she fancied it – we got some cheap seats and it was absolutely hilarious – just as funny as I remember, if not funnier.

So, if you’re in London, go see it, if not, try anyway – or do what I’m about to do – go on youtube and find some old videos

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