6 Months – LIKE A Whole little person

Blimey, where to start.

So, The Boy is doing well. He’s had his first cold, or as I think of it, omg-is-he-breathing-shit-balls. We had a period where he basically took over the bedroom, but he’s now in his own nursery and doing well. We’ve had a lot of periods of teething, but so far no actual teeth, though we think we can feel them under the gums.

Lots of stuff.

It’s really interesting watching the development and seeing kind of normal human behaviour appearing as though someone is progressively flicking switches somewhere – but for things that you take for granted being an adult.

For example the other day it’s almost as if he realised that there were other people who kind of exist – he rips a big fart, looked shocked and then turns to you as though to say “woah, did you hear that?!”

He can mostly sit up now, with the occasional topple, even moreso as he will now reach and essentially dive for anything he wants, normally TV remotes, muslins, massive kitchen knives – that sort thing.

It’s great that he’s so incredibly curious about everything, and you can really see the character starting to develop. He’s a bit silly, generally quite chilled out and happy to sit there and play, loves Peppa Pig and all that.

Chilling with Professor Snooze

He also still cracks up when you blow rasperries at him, so I’m happy to see the silliness is still there.

He’s in general just a really happy baby – which we are grateful for.

Not sleeping through the night yet, but he is sleeping for longer periods in the evening, and even then you hear him whinge, go into his room and he’ll see you and just smile and wriggle – very cute but not when you want to get back to bed!

We’ve started him on solids, or at least introductions – he really doesn’t seem too keen, but it’s early days.

No thanks….

Overall, it’s generally good – though we’re still quite tired – who knew that my 40+ year old body could adapt to an average of 5-6 hours of sleep a night?!

Also, he has got himself an older woman – well done that man.

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